Dr Khurram Mushir Long Hair Growth & Dandruff Free Oil

  •         Water – 2 jug        Fresh Curry Leaves – 1 bunch
  •         Joot Ki Bori – size of handkerchief
  •         Kala Pathar – 1 small piece
  •         Olive Oil – ½ Kg
  •         Fenugreek seeds – 2 tsp
  •         Black pepper – 8 pieces
  •         Onion paste – 2 tsp
  •         Garlic paste – 2 tsp
  •         Ginger paste – 2 tsp
  •         Betamethasone cream 10 grams
Dr Khurram Mushir Long Hair Growth & Dandruff Free Oil


Boil a bunch of fresh curry leaves in approx. 2 jugs of water. Take out boiled curry leaves out of water. Then add ½ kg olive oil with boiled curry leaves and keep boiling with olive oil. Then add fenugreek seeds, crushed kala pathar, black pepper, onion paste, ginger, garlic paste and burned joot cloth, add with all boiling ingredients. Then mash all the ingredients with the help of wooden spoon. Keep boiling until color changes to orange. Turn off the cooking flame. Then mash all the ingredients to tiny particles. When boiling temperature goes down or no steam is visible, add betamethasone cream. Pour prepared oil in glass bottle and leave 4-5 days in sunlight then apply 4 times a week. Wash your hair with homemade shampoo. This hair good for premature greying, Long hair growth, Hair fall protection, split end and Ant dandruff.

  • Egg shells
  •  Lemon or orange peel
  • Folic acid crushed
  • Black pepper 
  • Sond or dry ginger

Crushed all the ingredients and mix it and save this powder in air tight bottle and take every day 1/2 tsp powder with milk.


Aqsa laiba Arshad said...

Assalam-o-alaikum sir plzzzzzzzzzzz mjy bta dain k agr kapro ko zang lag jae to kis trhan saf ho ga

Aqsa laiba Arshad said...

Assalam-0-alaikum sir plzzzz bta dain k agr kapro ko zang lag jae to kis trhan dagh khtam ho ga.plz bta dain k kapro sy zang kis trhan utrta h?

Khurram Shahzad said...

Dr. g mhjhe bate ke hair ko zaida shine kaise di jae. . . . . .

Jam Imtiaz Ahmed Lakhan said...
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Jam Imtiaz Ahmed Lakhan said...

how to whiting skin

Muhammad Kashif said...

contact number

paijee2002 said...


Mehar doll said...

jhoot ki bori kis shop sy mily gi.kindly inform me

Ali Hassan said...

Joot ki boori kahan se mile gee plz confirm??????

daren sammy said...

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